“The kids call me the Happy Human Coach!”

Cassie Eads

My best qualification is that I am a MOM. I am not a mental health professional nor trying to take on the roll of a mental health specialist. I am however a mother who refuses to wait for our education system to implement emotional well-being into their curriculum. I refuse to allow the minds of our children to be compromised and refuse to stand by and do nothing, especially when according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report in 2016 states that suicide is the second leading cause of death of individuals ages 10-24.

I am tired of watching individuals of all ages struggle, feel stuck, and often time question living this life. This journey has lead me down a path of transformational education and I am proud to say I now educate, train and speak! I have been mentored by the best and studied with the best. The time is now to step up and speak up to serve others. I am on a mission to serve others and remind people this life is worth living.

Determined to raise healthy happy children…

I started all this because I was heartbroken and introduced to a very difficult harsh reality when my oldest son was 8 years old. One night while tucking him into bed he told me he didn’t think he was the version of him that anyone wanted or loved. He didn’t know how to live knowing that. After further conversations with him and really listening to when and why he started feeling and thinking these things, I was forced to reevaluate my entire life. This one moment opened my eyes wide FAST!

The more we talked, the more I realized that my child was worried about things that had nothing to do with childhood. He should have been worried about his cartoons, his toys, and video-games, and, instead, he was asking me about bullying, identity, being enough, and acceptance. Something was wrong and I needed to do something about it.

My sons struggles turned out to be the greatest gift in my life. Being forced to reevaluate myself for his wellbeing has allowed me to step into a better version of me. Learning to help better him turned out to better me. Now, not only do I get to help my family, but this path has lead me to start my company Listen Within To Win.

Listen Within To Win
His struggles allowed me to uncover the harsh reality that many young children have thoughts and feelings like he expressed. Many young adults feel similar and it needs to be addressed. Suicide is rated 2nd on the list for claiming lives of our youth 10-24 years old is NOT acceptable.
It is such a gift to get to interact and learn as well as share life changing information with amazing souls regardless of their age! Human beings of all ages have the potential to be truly great teachers, IF WE LET THEM!
Listen Within To Win

My service has expanded and now I am speaking more, offering workshops for both youth and adults. I am beyond grateful for my challenges and failure because through them I have found this amazing opportunity to serve others.

I have been given a beautiful opportunity to speak and share with veterans, active duty serviceman, and their families as well. Doing great work! Remember your failures and struggles can be laying the foundation for future amazing work to will do ahead!


Speaking at the showing of Tangodown presented by Veteran Powered Films in Palm Springs California October 2019.. Photo with Julia Ling by Greg Felsen

Listen Within To Win

Veteran Powered Films bringing about awareness and doing great work for veterans! photo by Greg Felsen

Listen Within To Win

I am passionate about delivering information to help people know their worth and deliver the information to create change. Photo by Greg Felsen.

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