When I found out about Cassie her story just broke me and I knew she was the one that could help me, her approach is just what i need and will always be grateful.

~Wendy Molinares

Cassie is driven by a passion to help humanity. She was introduced to me by my daughter at SCVi during a pilot program. Every week, thereafter, my daughter would be inspired to share what she learned with excitement + wonder. Cassie knows how to tap into different age appropriate related topics + will handle that uncomfortable conversation with your child or teen with ease and grace. She is your support and will be the wind beneath your wings guiding you to your innermost understanding of each other.

~Sarah Baez

I finally made it to a workshop. I have a highly sensitive teen that thinks deeply about things. Cassie was an incredible resource for our girl to begin finding her voice to express what’s on her mind with our society. I look forward to even more of her workshops!

~Nancy O Schier

I am so grateful to have connected with Cassie and to have her as a guest speaker in my classroom. Cassie brings forth an amazing energy, excitement, and a positive spirit that instantly grabs the attention of my students. She is so passionate about her care for kids and gives them a safe space to communicate and reflect on their needs and interests. Her curriculum is so important to the development of adolescents and I am excited to have her continue working with my students on self care.

~Mary Irilian

Hart High School Health Education

Cassie has a great message to share: full of wisdom, experience, heart and energy. Having worked in education and with young people for 16 years I really appreciate her work in this world. She will inspire and help many young people to make sense of the world and their place in it in a compassionate and motivating way.

~Marianne Simpson


Dearest Cassie, I am so proud of you! First and foremost, I am proud of you as a mom. Most moms decide to take the sidelines and complain about their system, their schools and blame society or anyone possible for their child’s shortcomings. You decided to take the other route. The hard route. You decide to take responsibility for your child’s actions and happiness and you decided to do something about it. You took the job of his advocate seriously and you are going to move mountains! I am also proud of you as an educator! We need more parent involvement and we need “nosy” parents that care about kid’s business, we need parents to partner with us and show us that our opinion matter, and above of all, we need to show these children that they can have a voice and that their feelings are valid, even when things seem hard and problems are arising. I am proud of you as a friend. You decided to stand up for your children, but for all children. Your passion is contagious and I hope that other people start seeing you as a role model and decide to stand up for what is right. You are going to connect the dots and eliminate barriers between school and home and even professionals. I know change can be scary; especially when we are navigating a whole new world, a world of the unknown… but know that the sky is the limit when you have passion in your heart. One of my favorite authors, Paulo Coelho, says:” Be Brave. Take Risks. Nothing can substitute experience”; Go, Cassie, be brave, conquer the world. Make our children happy! Much love and success,

~Marcella White


I was so blessed and lucky to meet Cassie on a plane during my travels. We just so happened to sit next to each other. Cassie said hello and reached out to me with a genuine and warm smile. She had an instantaneous and intuitive way of making me feel comfortable and connecting to me right from the start. I enjoyed talking to her, and as we conversed during our entire plane ride back home, I found myself opening up more and more. I was touched by her big heart and kindness. I was impressed by her enthusiasm and passion to help others, to help prevent suicide amongst children, and to help people in general. I was surprised by the depth of her wisdom and the personalized insight she had to offer. By the time we reached our destination, I felt I had just enjoyed a therapeutic session and my troubles could just melt away. For that, I am grateful. I am generally not a social person, but I wanted to stay in touch with Cassie. Thereafter, I asked for her number and we stayed in touch. She said she would come out to support my mission too, which is to help prevent suicide amongst first responders and veterans (veteranpoweredfilms.com). Every step of the way, she delivered on everything she said she would do. I highly recommend Listen Within to Win because Cassie truly is a gem who offers the kind of life mastery consultation and insight that simply cannot be taught in any university.

~Julia Ling

Cassie is an amazing speaker and beautiful human being. She’s incredible at helping children and their parents grow together in having a more positive experience in the children’s growing up and feeling better about themselves. She helps them learn to use language that lifts them up.

~Juaniece Bair

Cassie is a phenomenal coach who truly has taken the time to learn her craft. Her goal to change the thoughts and lives of the parents, children and teachers she works with is beyond admirable-it’s a thing of beauty. The world is a better place because she is on it.

~Heidi Baker

Thanks for all you do. We all need to learn to listen within. Highly recommend.

~Gia Cilento

Cassie is awesome and what she has taught me kids will help them the rest of their lives. Thank you!

~Gavin Goo

I love what se teaches kids as young as my son who is only 5. We all need this knowledge and this should be taught at schools all day long. So glad I have found Cassie and can learn about her approach!!

~Desiree Toribio

I am grateful for the opportunity to have Cassie in my life. With that said she has helped give me the tools needed to lift myself back up the spiral of life instead of the opposite. I’m looking forward to attending more of her workshops and having her work and help equip my son with the life tools needed as well to navigate his journey in life. Thank you Cassie, your heart is so warm and welcoming and I’ve enjoyed learning powerful lessons with you through joy and ease.

~Darcy Blank

She has a way about her that gets through. She cares, genuinely cares. It might be a job but she puts it on a personal level and it makes a difference. With being a veteran and I am sure a lot of veterans are the same way, after service for different reasons some of us lose dreams, goals, direction and get into a rut of existence and not living. She cares about veterans and wants to help, make a difference for us and she has with me. She helped me to see things in a way that I haven’t in a long time. I am extremely grateful to her for taking the time, talk to me, communicate with me and help me to see me and my future in a light I haven’t known in some time. I have a lot of work to do still but she has been great. I can’t recommend highly enough.

~Chris Martin

I give Cassie 5 stars because It was hard for me to reach out for help and she made me feel comfortable. You can tell her heart is in it and it isn’t just a job to her. I think one of the things that helped as well is, I am a veteran and learning of her concern for veterans and how she supports us and wants to help us meant a lot. In a short time she has made a difference for me. I do have a lot more work to do but she has been there for me and keeps helping to guide me to find things that I thought I lost after the military. I think I can speak for a lot of veterans when I say, we lose a sense of purpose, our dreams and direction and it isn’t easy seeing or finding that again. Cassie helped me to see some things that I didn’t even realize were there. I am extremely grateful for her help. I highly recommend her.

~Chris Martin


Cassie is insightful, delightful and genuine.I went in with concern on kid tantrums that where bleeding into my ability to be productive and Cassie help me rebond with my daughter and work together with my husband as a team .She is insightful and an amazing resource to parents.

~ Portia Franklin

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