~Julia Ling

I was so blessed and lucky to meet Cassie on a plane during my travels. We just so happened to sit next to each other. Cassie said hello and reached out to me with a genuine and warm smile. She had an instantaneous and intuitive way of making me feel comfortable and connecting to me right from the start. I enjoyed talking to her, and as we conversed during our entire plane ride back home, I found myself opening up more and more. I was touched by her big heart and kindness. I was impressed by her enthusiasm and passion to help others, to help prevent suicide amongst children, and to help people in general. I was surprised by the depth of her wisdom and the personalized insight she had to offer. By the time we reached our destination, I felt I had just enjoyed a therapeutic session and my troubles could just melt away. For that, I am grateful. I am generally not a social person, but I wanted to stay in touch with Cassie. Thereafter, I asked for her number and we stayed in touch. She said she would come out to support my mission too, which is to help prevent suicide amongst first responders and veterans (veteranpoweredfilms.com). Every step of the way, she delivered on everything she said she would do. I highly recommend Listen Within to Win because Cassie truly is a gem who offers the kind of life mastery consultation and insight that simply cannot be taught in any university.

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