~Chris Martin

I give Cassie 5 stars because It was hard for me to reach out for help and she made me feel comfortable. You can tell her heart is in it and it isn’t just a job to her. I think one of the things that helped as well is, I am a veteran and learning of her concern for veterans…

~Juaniece Bair

Cassie is an amazing speaker and beautiful human being. She’s incredible at helping children and their parents grow together in having a more positive experience in the children’s growing up and feeling better about themselves. She helps them learn to use language that lifts them up.

~Mary Irilian

I am so grateful to have connected with Cassie and to have her as a guest speaker in my classroom. Cassie brings forth an amazing energy, excitement, and a positive spirit that instantly grabs the attention of my students. She is so passionate about her care for kids and gives them a safe space to communicate and reflect on their…

~Julia Ling

I was so blessed and lucky to meet Cassie on a plane during my travels. We just so happened to sit next to each other. Cassie said hello and reached out to me with a genuine and warm smile. She had an instantaneous and intuitive way of making me feel comfortable and connecting to me right from the start. I…

~Desiree Toribio

I love what se teaches kids as young as my son who is only 5. We all need this knowledge and this should be taught at schools all day long. So glad I have found Cassie and can learn about her approach!!

~Darcy Blank

I am grateful for the opportunity to have Cassie in my life. With that said she has helped give me the tools needed to lift myself back up the spiral of life instead of the opposite. I’m looking forward to attending more of her workshops and having her work and help equip my son with the life tools needed as…

~Heidi Baker

Cassie is a phenomenal coach who truly has taken the time to learn her craft. Her goal to change the thoughts and lives of the parents, children and teachers she works with is beyond admirable-it’s a thing of beauty. The world is a better place because she is on it.

~Wendy Molinares

When I found out about Cassie her story just broke me and I knew she was the one that could help me, her approach is just what i need and will always be grateful.

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