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Together we can change the world and ensure our children a brighter future of emotional wellbeing and success.

Our curriculum has been designed to allow us to customize the delivery of our content.  Having flexibility gives us room to address topics and conversations as the kids bring them up as well as really customize the information to meet needs.  We can take concepts and teach to a large group of children, small groups of children, classrooms, and we can also do 1:1 coaching.  We coach with children and give them the individual support they need, we coach with parents and families as well.  Our mission is to help bridge the gap of communication and provide skills that will allow you all to win. We are not mental health care professionals nor are we trying to be, it is our passion to provide the skillsets necessary to ensure happy emotional well human beings.

Although the initial program was structured  as 10 weeks we are finding that we can easily pull out desired topics by request. Our goal is to deliver the very best content to meet your specific requirements.  We are here to serve you and ensure your success.

Cassie Eads

Skillsets in communication, emotional IQ,, self awareness, empathy, compassion and taking control of our internal chatter all contribute to happiness and success. These are requirements  in life.  My passion is to deliver these life needed skills to the children at a younger age and allow them happiness, self-confidence, and resiliency as they mature.

There is no greater education than to invest in yourself.

 “The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically. Intelligence plus character-that is the goal of true education.”

Martin Luther King Jr

Work With us

For Schools

This program has been in the classroom of 4th-6th graders as well as in High School classes. It has been received so well we are now looking to expand our program into an enrichment program as well as extend the lessons. Our children our asking for this education, they want to understand themselves and others, they are eager to learn. This kind of educational platform is proving to amazing and desired! References available from instructors upon request.

The curriculum is flexible and after a conversation we can create the perfect package of content that will satisfy your needs. My intention is deliver the very best effective curriculum to meet your needs and exceed your expectations in addition to seriously enlightening the lives of as many children we can.

It would be my pleasure to discuss the possibility of working together to better the lives of our youth. Please reach out with any questions!

Cassie Eads

Families / Individuals


When we work with families and individuals we help them focus on their inner resources, and use that as a way to empower them to make decisions that will lead to an adult life they can be excited about. In our program teens learn:

  • They are strong and capable. Our program is strength-based, we help them tap into their natural resilience.
  • Increased Emotional IQ—knowing how to listen within and express themselves in a way that fosters connection. How do they feel? What do they value? What do they want for their future?
  • They have control—over their actions, and their reactions; they can make decisions that will affect and create the future they want.


Gaining more insight and awareness about the high suicide rates amongst our serviceman and first responders is alarming. The statistics are shocking! It was a honor to speak and share empowering knowledge with a room full of veterans, active duty serviceman and their families.

In a world where I fear our veterans do not get the recognition they deserve, I want to be the first to extend a sincere “thank you” and express gratitude for your service.

The choice you make to serve our country and the sacrifices you make to do so take a heavy toll. I would like to serve you if possible and it is my honor to offer my work at a reduced rate if we are a good fit to work together.

Please contact me and we will set up a Discovery Conversation and speak more about how I may be able to serve you.

Connect with me for upcoming workshops, speaking, teaching, & coaching availability!

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