For Parents

Parenting presents fears, challenges, & tremendous opportunity to learn.

For Parents

Sometimes we have to be willing to switch our perspective a bit.

The amount of stress we take on as a parent feels unbearable at times. The truth is to financially survive and raise a family one or both parents need to be working one or more full-time jobs. This alone has had an impact on the relationships amongst families. As parents, we experience that the world we live in isn’t black and white and is far from simple, we also parent from what we experienced through our childhood as well as add on our own fears on our children. All these factors have had an impact on the emotional wellbeing of all of us.

Sadly in the midst of our “adult” responsiblities we forget that our children are dealing with many big issues as well. They are facing more stress and dealing with serious topics at younger and younger ages through which they need help to navigate.  Electronics have also had a huge impact on the content being introduced to our youth.

For Parents
At Listen Within to Win we strive to help remind parents, educators, or anyone who works with children to realize that our actions and our words have a tremendous impact on the emotional development of a child. We hold tremendous power of the overall wellbeing of our youth and unfortunately the stresses of “life” distracts from that knowledge.

“What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our challenges are opportunities in disguise. Let’s face them head on and learn. Let’s fail and learn. Let’s realize where we are weak and take action to be stronger. Do this and empower yourself and them!
Do you practice what you preach?

FEARS come with raising children and are normal! Have you thought about the situations, the people, the topics, that our young kids will be faced with? Things that you and I weren’t even talking about at their age. Have you questioned any of the following?

  • Is my child ready to be approached about sex or drugs
  • Can they handle a bully
  • Are they ready for peer pressure
  • Will they cave when they face struggles
  • Can they protect themselves
  • Did I tell them enough, did I prepare them enough

If you wonder about these things then let’s talk about it! I hear first hand the thoughts our younger generations have and what they are dealing with and facing. It is time we have some serious discussion, NOT ARGUMENTS BUT DISCUSSIONS.

We at Listen Within to Win witness first hand and see how difficult it is to be a parent in this era and have made it our goal to help parents understand what children are in need of. We teach you how to create a “safe place” to talk and ask questions openly so that the kids don’t look elsewhere for the information. We also give you essential tools to help you see things from a different perspective and with that be more open-minded and courageous to ask the difficult questions so that you can be present and provide your children with additional support they truly need.

Parents we deserve happiness and peace of mind as well. It is important to realize that you are not alone. Parents and families all struggle and have room to improve relationships. We will support you as an individual as well, you were a person before a parent and we want to help remind you of that. You too have greatness within and deserve to be happy!

Regardless of our title a mom, dad, brother, sister, a child, an adult, we all are entitled to be happy and we all hold the same gifts within. We will assist and support you every step of the way as we together take the journey to fulfill your lives both individually as an individual.

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