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Cassie Eads
I absolutely love sharing my story, my journey to not fail my children led me down a path of discovering my true self and now I get the privilege to serve others. Sometimes our greatest fears and failures are our greatest gifts!

I serve to develop emotionally well, happy, & successful Human Beings! You are stronger than any circumstance or condition you are faced with.

I have worked with organizations and individuals, facing challenges and overcoming, accelerate their results, and create richer, more fulfilling lives.

I am the CEO/Founder of Listen Within To Win LLC. I am a mother and I serve struggling children and parents that are emotionally drained and unsure which move to make next.

Cassie EadsIt is my mission to rid the labels thrown on children just because they do not fit in the “box.” It is my passion to ensure children are equipped with the skills they need to control their internal chatter, respond vs. react, have an understanding of their emotional IQ, and develop emotional competence. I aim to provide our youth with the toolset needed to allow them to develop into happy self accepting individuals.

I have found that my strength is in helping others.  To serve you as  you uncover your unlimited power and potential within.  It is unfortunate that the new norm in life is to live and think based on conditions. We end up burying our hopes and dreams. We give up passion to meet necessities and get stuck in that cycle.  I would like to shift that perception and remind you that you have the potential to choose to live life by choice and love the life you live. As a human being you hold so much power and control, we just forget and get wrapped up in condition based-thinking.

As adults we model this way of life to children. They witness struggle and stress more than they do happiness and fulfilled success. It is time to refocus and realize we are much more than our conditions.  We have the power of thought and the ability to shift our perspectives and with that create our reality.

The curriculum I coach as we work together through the process will provide strategies that will create results if YOU CHOOSE to work the system. Coaching with me and your willingness to look within will allow us to develop a blueprint to a life you love. The Life Mastery content will allow you to shift your thinking and tap into your natural raw given power within.  Let’s get you living the life you love and bring your dreams into reality.

Cassie Eads

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